Educational activities

Faced with the continual flow of images that students are confronted with every day, both at home and in school, the question of educating them to see images has never been more crucial. The question suffers from an alienating paradox between its imperious presence and a feeling of resignation faced with such complexity. Students deal with images daily (portable phones, digital cameras, webcams…) without mastering the incidences and sometimes the consequences.

The photography museum, through its expertise, its critical eye on the history of the medium and its involvement in current affairs can provide the distance necessary to reflect on images that are omnipresent and far-reaching.
The musée Nicéphore Niépce thus constitutes a frame of reference that enables a direct confrontation with the tools for capturing and the images produced.

Acquiring the references necessary to understanding the world of the image

Activities and actions adapted to all publics and all age groups are available.

Guided tours enable visitors to discover the collections and temporary exhibitions in an active manner associating their exposure to the originals on display with new technologies. This discovery can cover the whole museum or be a more in-depth experience on a particular theme.

The workshop/tours encourage our younger visitors to understand the collections and what’s happening with images today through observation and practical activities. Educational dossiers that cover the temporary exhibitions are available online and can help when preparing a visit.

Educational exhibitions and materials can also be borrowed for a more in-depth examination in class.

The public relations department is at your disposal to put together and run made-to-measure educational projects.

More informations :
> All of the tours and workshops for schools are free of charge.
> The museum is open for school groups on Monday, Thursday and Friday during normal opening hours (workshops take place on Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons according to availability).
> Children visiting the museum remain under the responsibility of their teacher and those accompanying the tour. Tours and workshops are run by the staff from the Public Relations office.
> It is possible to organise a day with tours/workshops in two museums (musée Nicéphore Niépce and musée Vivant Denon) or another service in the city.

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