Focus on a profession
Head of public relations

A photography museum is not an art gallery. Neither is it a science and technology museum. The public approach must be renewed. The aim is neither ecstasy at the sight of the piece, nor the simple historical reading of the development of a technique.
But it is nevertheless necessary to build a narrative, create a desire, to show and explain. This is the main issue facing the musée Nicéphore Niépce. The objective of all of its management and team; to serve the public.

It is in particular the role of the Head of Public relations. She must boost, coordinate, accompany and evaluate the museum’s cultural and educational policy. Her job is to develop, broaden, diversify and render the public faithful.
She has to build a programme of cultural and educational actions, develop a network of partnerships with cultural, tourist and educational establishments in the region, organise guided tours, conferences, practical art workshops and evaluate them.

In addition to the museum, she sets up projects in underprivileged areas, hostels, social structures, prisons, hospitals… With the fixed objective of valorising the museum’s collections, bringing them to life, associating participants and getting them involved.